Best Credit Repair Companies

Credit Repair Companies

Chances are that you have seen numerous ads about companies that claim they can fix your bad credit scores. The question that you may have is does credit repair really work? When it comes down to it there are many companies out there that truly are just scams.

However, the best credit repair companies have been around for many years all know the rules of credit repair and they can navigate through the rules in order to help you raise your credit score. If these companies cannot get your credit score raised, they will provide you with your money back.

Since there is no magic formula for raising someone’s credit score quickly. This means that there are some people who may hire one of the best credit repair companies and not get the results that they desire.

Credit Repair By Veracity

With that being said, let’s look at some of the best credit repair services available and then look at how these credit repair services can work.

Finding The Best Credit Repair Companies

As mentioned there are a lot of scams out there when it comes to credit repair companies. When searching for a reliable credit repair company you should look for reputation, longevity, and a money back guarantee. Here are some of the current top credit repair companies to get you started on your search.

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Reputation
  • Longevity
SKYBLUE CREDITA+2693/100Learn MoreFull Review
LEXINGTON LAWA+1097/100Learn MoreFull Review
CREDITREPAIR.COMA786/100Learn MoreFull Review
THE CREDIT PEOPLEA-187/100Learn MoreFull Review
THE CREDIT PROS A789/100Learn MoreFull Review
PYRAMID CREDITNR585/100Learn MoreFull Review
OVATION CREDITA+35+91/100Learn MoreFull Review
180 CREDIT SOLUTIONSF877/100Learn MoreFull Review
VERACITYF1882/100Learn MoreFull Review
MSI CREDIT SOLUTIONSD1087/100Learn MoreFull Review

SkyBlue: Best Credit Repair Company Overall

When it comes to the best overall credit repair company SkyBlue offers an affordable and reliable choice. SkyBlue offers a credit repair service for an initial payment of $59 plus $59 monthly service fees after that. This price is much cheaper than any other credit repair service currently out there.

Credit Repair Services By SkyBlue

The Better Business Bureau has given SkyBlue a rating of A+, which is one of the best scores for any credit repair company out there. In addition, SkyBlue is one of the only credit repair services that offers a 90 day money back guarantee.

The Credit People: Best Guarantee

The Credit People is another credit repair service that is highly recommended. They provide the same price point of $59 that is provided by SkyBlue for monthly services. However, the initial fee is only $19. In addition, the credit services company offers you the option to pay a lump sum of $299 for six months of services, which provides a nice savings.

When it comes to credit repair, the Credit People provide all of the basics you are looking for. The company has not been in business for as long as SkyBlue and the Better Business Bureau has given the company a B score.

Benefits of Credit People

Where the Credit People differ is that they provide their users with a 100 percent money back guarantee that is available at any time that you are not satisfied with their services.

Lexington Law: Best Reputation

Perhaps the best thing about Lexington Law is the fact that they are a real law firm that specializes in credit laws. The company has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. The cost for services from Lexington Law is $59.95 per month.

The initial fee is $99.95. This includes all of the items that are included with their top credit repair plan. This includes a guarantee. Perhaps one of the best things about Lexington Law is that you will not be charged anything until all of the work they agreed to do for you is completed.

Review of Lexington Law Best Extras

If you are looking for a credit repair company that offers great extras, may be the best choice. They have an A rating from the BBB and also have a relationship with TransUnion, which allows them to pull your credit score for you. This can be a great feature as you do not have to worry about obtaining your report yourself.

The price for is $89.95 per month and there is no initial fee. For this price you will get your standard repair services as well as a monthly credit monitoring service, mobile apps, email alerts, a credit score tracker as well as an analysis. While this is the most expensive option of the three, you do get a lot of services for the price.

Improve Your Credit Score With Credit Repair

The guarantee provided by is only available if the company does not complete the work that they agreed to do for you. This is very carefully worded, so you need to be careful.


Credit repair services can work for many people, especially those who have real errors on their credit reports. This could be an error in reporting from a lender to a simple error about your personal finances. No matter what is wrong with your credit report, working with the right company can be the best option.

There is a good amount of things that can affect your credit score. So if you think there are any errors on your report you will likely benefit from using one of the above credit repair companies to help fix these errors for you.

180 Solutions Are Simple Bad

When it comes to errors on your report there are some things that these credit repair companies may be able to fix that you are unaware of. For example, all information on a credit report has to be verifiable. If there is information on your report that cannot be verified, it has to be removed.

Another reason to consider a quality credit repair agency is because often times lenders will work with these agencies and terms can be negotiated. While negotiations may not always work, at least you know that everything possible has been done in regards to trying to repair your credit score.

The bottom line is that credit repair services cannot guarantee that your credit score gets fixed, but if go in knowing the risks and you choose a company that has a good reputation you can hopefully avoid being scammed.

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