Life Insurance: Best Life Insurance Companies In 2018

Life Insurance: Top 5 Life Insurance Companies In 2017

In this short review, we'll show you the top life insurance companies that are around. Each of them has their pros and cons that we'll thoroughly discuss throughout the article. By the end, you'll know what life insurance company is perfect for you and your family.

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Haven Life


  • Quick application and approval
  • Competitive Life Term Rates
  • No medical exam needed
  • Car Insurance Included
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First on our list is Haven Life. The company only sells life insurance at an affordable rate. This reduces the need to hear a long insurance sales speech about complete life insurance that costs a lot of money. Since Haven Life sells short-term coverage, you save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Haven Life's application is one of the quickest signing processes we've seen yet. The company uses an algorithm that evaluates the applicant's in an instant. Life most life insurance companies, Haven Life searches for these following elements in each applicant:

  • Car or Motor Vehicle Records
  • Data on medication that applicants have taken. They are collected from previous drug databases.
  • Information about your past health and life insurance applications.

Coverage begins within minutes. Some customers don't need to take a life insurance medical exam. Other users will need one within 90 days. For those who have to take the life insurance medical exam, if the examination finds information that might increase or decrease the current premium rate, Haven Life contacts the customer over these differences.

But there has been a few complaints about this life insurance service. When it comes to getting life insurance, it's better to receive it from a long lasting company. Haven Life has only been around for three years, so this might be a problem for some users.

Overall, you should look into Haven Life. The company has a fast application process and gives you coverage that's suitable to your budget. By investing in this company, you ensure that you'll receive $500,000 over time at a price around $21 a month.

L&G Finance


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Insurance Agent for Assistant
  • Easy Claims Filing Process
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Our Rating

L&G America is a company that has history dating back to 1836. This company was founded with the purpose to provide pensions risk management, investment management, and also life insurance. L&G's history makes them a trustworthy company that also has over 1 million clients for life insurance, investments, and pensions.

One thing that we've noticed was the company's life insurance agent feature. It gives the users a financial agent who is skilled in assisting them in making the best insurance choice possible by comprehensively studying and understanding their needs. L&G provides great services for customers who want to obtain life insurance the best way possible.

We also like their responsive Claim Filing process. When filing a claim, they will request the following information:

  • Complete a Proof of Death Claimants Statement. If you have multiple beneficiaries, make sure each of them signs the document. They require original signatures as well as the original statement document.
  • Find a copy of the insured annuitant's death certificate. The copy must be certified and must have the specific manner and cause of death. They are unable to accept a death certificate that's pending. Only one document is required, and it won't be returned.
  • Include the original document if possible. You'll be able to make a copy for your records. If your policy isn't available, you'll have to report to the Lost Policy Form that's placed in the life insurance packet.

Here is a table showing the respective plans they give according to your annual income:



Under $10,000

You’re eligible for the Fast Track claims process. Call the Claims Department at 1-800-638-8428.

The company will let you know if your claim has been accepted and what’s needed to properly apply your claim to their Fast Track feature.

Over $10,000

A information packet will be sent to the you or someone authorized to receive them. L&G can provide the information to you via fax, regular mail, or email.

The information includes name(s) of the people, the claims form(s), the entity of who will need to fully complete the form, and any additional information that’s required

The only con worth mentioning is its expensive and long process. If this isn't an issue, you should give this company change.

You can't go wrong with getting insurance from L&G. They have the most professional level of support and protection. You should look into L&G Insurance if you want a great level of protection at a modest price.

Met Life Insurance


  • Quick Approval Process
  • My Journey App
  • Receive terms within 10-30 years
  • $500,000 Coverage
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Our Rating

If there's one life insurance company you should place your trust in, it's Met Life Insurance. The company has the largest global providers of employee benefits, insurance, and annuities. It's become a popular company because of the high-quality life insurance assistance they give to their clients.

We like this Met Life's My Journey program. This program was made to reward people for driving safely. Once you start, you'll receive 10% just for enrolling. When it's time for renewal, you'll receive a 30% discount. Depending on your state, you can download an app to track your safe driving miles.

Their no exam term life insurance is one of their main selling points. They give you extra benefits such as:

  • Insured coverage up to $500,000.
  • Avoid medical exams. The application asks a few questions regarding personal health and verifies this information through their algorithm.
  • Buy via phone or online.

However, consumers found fault with the company's mobile applications. While they were useful, they did not allow users to print out their IDs, receive quotes, or email.

All in all, you'll receive the most support with Met Life. They are rated as one of the top life insurance companies for a reason. That reason is that of their satisfactory service and additional features. You should try Met Life Insurance if you want an easy way to protect your loved ones with life insurance.

AIG Life Insurance


  • Offers a variety of term, universal, and whole life products.
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Asset Protector Program
  • Accelerated Access Solution
AIG logo.

Our Rating

AIG is known as one of the largest insurers in the world. They served over 90 million customers in over 100 countries. This company became recognized after 2008 after the U.S. Financial Crisis. They were bailed out and revived as a strong company that specializes in life insurance and car insurance policies.

You'll like AIG because of their Asset Protector program. It has a suite containing multiple features that customers can choose from. You can choose from either permanent, term, or universal life term products. This gives you the ability to use your death benefits while you're still living.

Plus, the Accelerated Access Solution is great for emergency situations. This feature allows a policy holder to receive access to the death benefits once there is a chronic illness. Because of this, you'll always have your insurance with you before the death occurs.

The large size of the company is also one of their biggest disadvantages. For example, consumers report that they don't have a good connection with their financial advisors. Since the company has over 64,000 employees, it can be hard users to receive the direct financial care they need.

Still, the company is great at giving you the best life insurance available. AIG has served for over 20 years, making it one of the oldest companies in the industry. Give this company a chance if you want to get the life insurance advice and assistance you need.


We believe that Met Life is the best life insurance company on this list. They have additional applications to further reward you for driving and living safely. And, they cover you from up to $500,000 and has the easiest application processes to date.

In conclusion, it's up to you to decide which life insurance company suits you. No matter which one you buy, you'll have a strong insurance company that's worth your investment. If you have any extra concerns or questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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