Credit Monitoring 101: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Credit Monitoring 101: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Your credit is a very important indicator on your financial status. But, credit card companies tend to penalize you each time you try to check your score. Continuously finding your score on some places will lead to a low credit score in the long run. That's why we created this quick review.

We want to help you monitor your credit, but in a way where your score is not compromised. Throughout this post, we'll discuss 4 of the best credit report monitoring services. By the end of this post, you'll have what you need to decide which company supports your personal and financial needs the best.

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Identity Force


  • Insurance
  • Identity Protection
  • Recovery Services
Identity force logo.

Our Rating

Starting off our review is the credit monitoring company Identity Force. Founded in 1978, the company provides identity protection services to businesses, individuals, and government agencies. Their credit report services received awards based on its high quality and can be bought at a price around $20.

When it comes to identity protection, Identity Force does a good job at providing several monitoring services to protect their client's identities further than competitors. The company offers services such as payday loan monitoring, cyber monitoring, financial account monitoring, and triple bureau credit monitoring.

Identity Force offers a multitude of full-service restoration service. This includes medical, financial, and criminal identity recovery. Also, if you lose your wallet or it becomes stolen, Identity Force will help you cancel the previous card and restore and replace your documents.

Rest assured, Identity Force offers up to $1 million in insurance to reimburse you for theft related expenses. This means that if you become a victim of identity theft, the company will work to help you get your life back together.

Unfortunately, Identity Force doesn't offer assistance to customers with pre-existing identity theft issues. We suggest speaking to your credit agency or a bank to assist you if this is a serious problem for you.

Overall, we think that Identity Force's credit monitoring services are outstanding. They protect you if your identity becomes stolen and offers high-quality services that are unmatched by the competition. Look into this company if you're serious about keeping your identity safe.



  • Comprehensive Financial Monitoring
  • Frequent SMS Alerts & Emails
  • Tri Bureau Credit Reports Sent Monthly
  • Personal Information Monitoring
Lifelock logo.

Our Rating

LifeLock Inc has provided top quality service in credit report monitoring and identity protection for over ten years. This company specializes in delivering comprehensive monitoring and reports to their uses. If you want a reliable company that's able to protect your personal information while keeping your credit secure.

LifeLock offers a three-tiered protection service. The first tier is LifeLock Standard that costs about $9.99 a month. This is followed by the LifeLock Advantage Plan which is about $19.99 a month.

Lastly, the LifeLock Ultimate Plus is their highest level of protection at about $30 a month. There is no free trial period, and you must use your debit/credit card to purchase this service.

The company lists a myriad of features, so we'll discuss the important ones. All three of the protection plans include 24 hour phone support, identity theft recovery, and searching websites to see if your information is currently being sold.

The highest two tiers offer bank account alerts, public records scanning, data breach alerts, and credit report monitoring. The highest plan has additional online monitoring, three credit institution reports, and additional financial alerts. We like this company because they offer a versatile range of credit protection services

But, this identity protection service is not suited for those on a budget. Their more affordable plans don't offer the protection users need. The lack of credit monitoring in the Standard plan makes it useless for users who need to know if any unwanted financial transactions are occurring in their name.

If you have the money, you should invest in LifeLock's protection services. If your identity does become stolen, LifeLock insures their users from up to $1 million dollars and gives them the right to an attorney. Get this if you want the ultimate protection from identity theft.

Credit Sesame


  • Free Credit Score
  • Monthly Updates
  • Debt & Loan Analysis
  • $50,000 Coverge
Credit Sesame logo.

Our Rating

Third in our review is Credit Sesame. This company places itself ahead of the competition by giving a free period for each user that signs up. The basic account offers features such as a free credit report from TransUnion. Consumers like this feature because it allows them to track their credit and make better financial decisions.

One thing we like about Credit Sesame is their Debt and Loan Analysis. Credit Sesame receives information from TransUnion to help you analyze your current debt. Also, you'll receive recommendations on new loans (car loans, house loans, etc.). This tool helps when trying to find good interest rates when taking out a new loan.

Although the account is free, you'll have up to $50,000 worth of insurance. This feature also comes with professional help to aid you in restoring your ID. Users like Credit Sesame because it offers reliable protection free of charge.

If you're someone who likes to create financial goals, Credit Sesame can help you with that. Enter your specific goal, and Credit Sesame will assist you by alerting you on offers based on your credit profile. This feature helps users make financial goals while saving them interest on the credit card options.

Some consumers disliked the lack of features in the basic subscription. The analytical tools are limited unless you buy a paid subscription. But, since the company gives you free credit reports monthly, it's a great place to start tracking your credit.

For beginners wanting to get a better grasp on their financial history, Credit Sesame is the best choice. It's one of the few credit report monitoring services that allow you to create a free account. Give this company a look if you want easy access to your credit history.

Identity Guard


  • Digital Protection
  • Monitoring Services
  • Insurance Coverage Up to $1 Million
Identity guard logo.

Our Rating

Last on our list is Identity Guard. Identity Guard provides identity protection packages including credit monitoring, financial account monitoring, social security monitoring, and internet scanning. Since the company has so many monitoring services, it's more than likely the identity theft will be caught and removed before it actually occurs.

Identity Guard's main feature is its digital protection suite. The company comes with antivirus software, flash blocking, ad blocking, keyboard encryption software, and other online financial tools. Identity Guard also provides social privacy with its anti-phishing app.

Shoppers like Identity's Guard's sophisticated level of insurance. Identity Guard users have up to $1 million in insurance coverage for identity theft. This feature reimburses users if their identity is stolen.

For instance, the policy covers wage losses at $2,000 a week, travel expenses up to $1,000 a policy period, and child and spousal care of up to $2,000 per policy period. Because of this, you're always backed by Identity Guard's trustworthy insurance coverage.

However, consumers across the board complained about the limited recovery service. While Identity Guard offers criminal identity restoration and financial protection, it doesn't have tax identity recovery nor medical recovery.

If you're serious about protecting your identity and your financial history, then Identity Guard is the right choice. Their insurance policies ensure that you're reimbursed in the event your personal information is stolen. Give this company a chance if you want a strict protection system that works to keep your identity safe.

Closing Thoughts

We believe that LifeLock is the winner. It provides maximum protection at a good price. Ultimately, this company provides good insurance protection, and its credit reporting system helps you keep track of your finances. Purchase a plan from this company to save you and your identity in the long run.

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