The Credit People Credit Repair Company Review

Credit Repair by Credit People

The Credit People is a credit repair firm that has been in the credit repair business for more then 14 years. During that time they have helped more than 100,000 individuals repair their credit. The strategy of the firm is to analyze the different methods that are used by the different credit bureaus that determine a person’s credit score.

TheCreditPeople Review

Some of the factors that the Credit People look over include credit type ratios, debt to income ratios, scoring models from the credit bureaus, as well as your credit history.

The Credit People focuses their repair services on improving these models and ratios. The analytic approach that the company uses is what they believe to be the reason for their success.




  • Longevity in Credit Repair Bussiness
  • Reliable customer service
  • Decent price
  • After through review process we didn't find any major cons.

Services Provided

While most credit repair service companies require you to provide your credit reports to them, the Credit People will obtain the reports for you. This makes working with them a bit easier. The Credit People provide a number of credit services including interventions.

This means that the company works with the credit bureaus, but also directly with the creditors. There is also a client portal available that allows clients to watch the work that is being performed on their accounts and any progress that is being made.


While it is possible to fix your own credit, trying to do so can be complicated. Credit bureaus typically will only respond to a dispute letter that is phrased correctly. The letters also need to raise the exact problems that will require the bureau to take action on.

Get Your Credit Repaired at Credit People

The Credit People point out on their website that if you are not familiar with the right words to use, you may not get the results that you desire. One of the benefits of working with this company is that you get to work with a veteran in the credit repair industry.

It is also mentioned on the company website that almost 80 percent of credit reports contain an error or errors that are bad enough to cause credit to be denied. Over half of the reports also contain incorrect personal information, which can be a basis for getting a negative item removed.

80 %
Reports Have Errors

These errors often result in credit scores being unfairly lowered. Using a credit repair service such as the Credit People will allow you to get these mistakes corrected, have negative items removed, and enjoy an increase in your credit score.

Customer Service

The client portal maintained by the company is available all day every day. There is also customer service line that is always available. This means that clients of the Credit People can access information about their accounts at any time and can also see the progress that the firm is making in repairing their accounts.


The company offers a membership trial period of seven days for the price of $19. After the initial trial period there are 2 payment options available. The first plan requires that the clients pay $59 a month. There is no premium service available, which means that all of the features are provided for the basic price. This also means that all clients receive the same level of services.

The Credit People also offer the option of signing up for six months of service for the price of $299, which is equal to around $50 a month.



The Credit People offer a guarantee to their customers. This guarantee states that if a customer is not satisfied with the service for any reason, they can cancel their service and not be charged the current month’s fees. The prior month's fees will also be refunded.


This credit repair firm currently has an A- rating from the BBB. The reason for this rating is because Credit People is rather new credit repair company and don`t have many reviews and complaints yet.

Service Speed

According to the company, most clients will begin to see results from the services within the first month and a half to two months. However, it is important to note that this does not take into account how long it takes for optimal results to be delivered.


The Credit People take an analytic approach to correcting their clients credit scores. This approach can be extremely beneficial. Using the credit service to approach the credit bureaus and creditors can be the best way for a person to get the results they need in order to improve their credit scores.

The flat payment plan offered by the company is quite convenient as well. You know exactly what you are going to pay each month in order to receive these services.

Customer service is available at all times and clients also have access to a portal that will show the exactly what progress is being made on their accounts. Another positive to consider is that the company has been in business for more than fourteen years.

Benefits of Credit People

With that being said, there are some reservations about using the Credit People for your credit repair services. The A- rating given to the company by the Better Business Bureau is something that definitely needs to be considered. 

Overall, it appears that the company has successfully improved credit scores for many of their clients. The cost of the service is affordable and the services offered by the company are the same for all of their clients.

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