The Credit Pros Credit Repair Service Review

Credit Repair by Credit Pros

Credit Pros is a newer credit repair company. The founder of the company is Jason Kaplan, who is an expert in credit law. Kaplan states that he started the company after he had spent many years developing his approach to credit score repair. The main focus of the company is to delete negative credit items. Credit Pros offer advisory services as well.

Credit Repair by Credit Pros

The company understands that to help provide their consumers with the best possible services they need to help them avoid becoming a part of a similar credit issue in the future. For this reason, the company can help you make credit goals that are both reachable and realistic.

Services And Features

The main purpose set by the Credit Pros is using their expert knowledge in order to challenge all negative items that are found on your credit report. The company works hard to get the credit bureaus to delete these negative items from your credit report and credit history.




  • Web based service
  • Free consultation and education
  • 10+ years history
  • High price
  • Complaints noted
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The company state they are dedicated to reinforcing their client’s rights as an American consumer. The services provided keep this purpose in mind.

There is a web portal available to consumers that allow them to watch the work that is being completed on their accounts. This is considered to be one of the advantages of using their services.

In addition to the web based portal, clients also can learn about the improvements being made to their credit reports from the reports that are sent out by the credit bureaus each time one of the negative items is removed from their account.

Since the owner of the company has years of experience in credit law, all of the employees are well educated as well. They use this experience and their expertise in order to identify what items on your report can be challenged successfully.

Credit bureaus will respond to each of these challenges and contact the reporting creditors in order to confirm that the debt information is correct.

Office At the Credit Pros

Often times, creditors are unable to confirm specific details about the debt that is being questioned. When this happens federal laws require the items be removed. The Credit Pros report that they are professionals at doing this.

There are other reasons that credit items may be removed as well. This includes if the information is simply incorrect, untimely, or if it is outdated.

In addition, late payments often can be removed. In some instances repossessions that were made in error can be removed as well. The services offered by the company include an unlimited amount of credit item disputes, as well as cease and desist letters written to creditors.

Customer Service

Credit pros offers many great features for their clients in regards to service. The online portal is a great feature that allows you to keep track of the progress that the firm is doing for you. In addition, the company provides credit counseling services that provide their clients with the help that they need in order to maintain their credit scores once they have been repaired.

Cost Of Credit Pros Services

The company uses a payment structure that includes a one time sign up fee. This fee is then followed by additional payments that are made on a per deleted item basis. This is an approach that is fairly unique. However, while this may seem to provider consumers with a savings, in some cases this is not true.

The cost of services start out with a payment of $149. The price for couples is $249. This is quite high when compared to some of the other credit repair service companies. As mentioned, there will be a charge for each deletion.The price for these deletions is $50. In order for this charge to take place, the deletion must be confirmed. If the deletion is a public record, the price is $75.

The Credit Pros Team

The Credit Pros state that the payments ensure that each client gets a one on one consultation with a staff professional take place. Access to these certified FICO professionals is available all day every day throughout the year. Access to all of the other services is available as well.

Additionally, the company provides their clients with Identity theft restoration as well as related insurance.

While these are all good things, the minus is that there is potentially a high cost for removing negative items from a credit report.


The guarantee offered by Credit Pros is straightforward. If the firm cannot remove any erroneous credit from your report within the first 90 days that you are a member, you will be given a full refund.


Credit Pros has received a A+ rating from the BBB. The main reason that their rating was lowered is because of the number of complaints made about the company. The majority of the complaints are about the quality of services received. This number of complaints is a red flag and something one must consider before using the company.


Credit Pros is relatively new to the credit repair service industry. This company is appealing for consumers that want to pay for results and do not want to worry about paying for an ongoing subscription service that is not directly tied to a company’s performance.

One of the issues that potential clients might run into is not only the initial cost for services, which is quite high, but also the cost per item. For someone who has a lot of items that they need removed from their credit report, the cost for the services can run very high. For example, to have 10 items removed a person would have to pay $500 on top of the initial start up fee.

Another thing to consider is the A rating of the company by the BBB.

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