Credit Repair Service Company Review

Improve Your Credit Score With Credit Repair

Credit Repair is a credit repair company that has been in business for around 15 years. The company states that its mission is to identify and challenge questionable credit items and dispute these items with the credit bureaus and to also help their clients change their credit using habits in order for their credit scores to go up.

Perfect Company for Credit Repair

The company has been working for many years and seems to be committed to helping their clients improve their overall credit rating and thus improving their chances of being able to access credit and improve their financial success.




  • Many Additional Features
  • Honest approach
  • Free consultation and education
  • High Price in comparison to other companies


Credit Repair offers an impressive website that has many different features. This includes access to the efforts and results of the firm. The company also provides downloads for mobile devices, which allows you to keep track of the company’s progress in regards to getting negative items removed from credit reports.

Once you have created an account with the firm you will make arrangements for the company to pull your credit reports. Once the company has access to your reports they will want to know which items on the reports that you want to challenge.

In addition, Credit Repair will also ask their clients to make changes in their current credit behavior that will help to influence the credit bureau to get rid of negative items. This will help your credit score go up.

Importance of Credit Repair

When the company can confirm that you have made these changes to the credit bureaus, the bureau will be in a position to help further improve a client’s credit report and history.

One of the benefits of choosing Credit Repair is that they use a 3 step approach to credit repair. This approach is designed to check, challenge, and then change your credit report. The company offers a client centered focus, which is appealing to those consumers who are credit challenged and need help from a professional credit repair service.


The main benefit clients get from using Credit Repair is that they will enjoy an improved credit rating. An improved credit rating can open up many new doors such as access to credit cards, mortgage loans, and car loans.

Reduce Your Debt

In addition, an improved credit score also allows lenders to be able to extend credit offerings with terms that are more favorable. This means that interest rates are often lower. It can also mean that insurance premiums are lower as well.

Credit Repair is fairly transparent about their numbers that show the specific benefits that the company has been able to provide to their clients. The company states that on average their clients experience removal of 7 percent of their negative credit each month. The numbers available on the site show this to be true, at least over the first three months of services.


There is no setup fee charged by Credit Repair. The company does charge a one time fee of just $12.99 in order to cover the cost of credit reporting. The monthly charge for the services provided by Credit Repair is $89.95 a month.

Couples that sign up together will receive a $50 discount on the first month's fee. There are no premium services available or a related premium charge.

The monthly fee of $89.95 is a bit higher than the cost of some other credit repair services. However, with this fee you get access to the cutting edge website offered by the company as well as mobile access, so this higher price may be worth it.


The Better Business Bureau has given Credit Repair an A+ rating. There are no significant government actions being taken against the company and there are no other forms of significant complaints that have been made against the company.

Lexington Law BBB Credit

Service Speed

The speed of their service is not directly addressed on the company’s website. However, representatives for the company state that within four months of being enrolled in the program a person should see around 11 negative items removed from their credit reports.


When it comes to credit repair agencies, Credit Repair is one of the best in the business. The company has a long record in the credit repair industry. The user friendly website, mobile access, and all of the other services offered by the company are just some of the reasons that Credit Repair remains as one of the top credit repair services company.

The top rating from the BBB only furthers the selling point of this company for your credit repair needs.

Credit Repair Service

One of the drawbacks of the company is that the service price is quite high when compared to the prices that are charged by some of the other repair service companies. In addition, the 7 percent average negative removal rate is ok, there are some other repair agencies that can provide better choices.

When it comes to choosing a credit repair service company there are many things that you need to take into consideration. Credit Repair offers one of the more solid providers for credit repair services.The company offers many great benefits including help with getting your credit back on track and keeping it there.

If you are looking for a company that is not only focused on helping you get your credit repaired, but also focused on helping you keep your credit score up by teaching you how to reform your behavior, Credit Repair may just be the service that you are looking for.

However, if you just want a company that focuses on fixing items on your credit report and you are not worried about changing your behaviors, you may want to consider one of the other top credit services companies that is available.

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