MSI Credit Solutions Review

Review of MSI Solutions

MSI Credit Solutions is a credit repair company that is based in Texas. It has been around since the year 2006. The company works with clients on credit repair, credit restoration, and credit rebuilding solutions.

MSI Credit Solutions Review

The company is registered with the Secretary of State in Texas, and is also fully bonded. The company is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Frisco. Services are available in both English and Spanish.




  • Great Support
  • Guaranteed 50 point increase
  • Free consultation and education
  • High Price in comparison to other companies

Services Provided

MSI Credit Solutions offers credit repair services for consumers throughout the United States. The company helps clients identify errors on their credit reports and will also dispute the information for their clients.

MSI Will do Your Credit Dispute

The nice thing about MSI Credit Solutions is that once you have gone over all of the information with your representative they will be the ones that will dispute the items for you.

The company representative will dispute the items with both the creditors and the credit bureaus at once.

This is extremely helpful if you have only a few items to dispute, as it can get your credit repaired faster than if you were disputing them on your own and one at a time. However, if you have a larger number of items to dispute, disputing them all at once may not be the best choice because when they are removed from your credit report it may not be permanent.

Once the disputed items are removed from your credit report MSI will then help their clients establish good lines of credit so that they can improve their overall credit scores.

MSI will also pull your credit report for you as part of the free consultation process. This is a good feature as it allows you to discuss what the company can do for you before you commit to using their program.

Price of MSI Services

MSI Credit Solutions will provide clients with an initial free consultation as well as an evaluation of their current overall credit health. During the evaluation the credit repair expert will discuss the different options that are available and what steps need to be taken in order to improve their overall credit scores.

The cost of the program includes an initial fee that starts at around $30. The monthly fee for the services provided by MSI Credit Solutions is $98. This is the cost for a single account. If you create more than one account, the price is $69 for each additional joint account that is created.

It is important to note that quotes on prices could vary, but it seems that the cost for the monthly services are $98. However, there is a discount for signing up for a joint account, which makes the fees a bit more affordable.

In addition, the set up fee for an account is often waived, so there is no initial cost for creating an account.

MSI credit solutions guarantees that they can improve your credit score by 50 points or they will refund the fees that they charge.

Example of MSI Solutions Work

Educational Services

MSI Credit Solutions not only provides their clients with excellent services, the company also provides their clients with a great education center. In the education center you can find information on topics such as how to stop debt collectors, avoiding scams, and how to understand collection practices.

Pros Of MSI Credit Solutions

When considering credit repair companies, one of the best features of MSI is the great customer service that is provided by the company. The representatives from the company are extremely responsive and very communicative.

Information that is provided is accurate and consistent. In addition, a follow up is provided after you have contacted a customer service representative with a question. Not only were the representatives responsive to phone calls, they were also responsive to emails.

Another positive aspect of MSI Credit Solutions is that they offer some of the best education services. There are over nine different topics available to research as well as a blog that also provides a great resource of education.

Cons Of MSI Credit Solutions

One of the only cons about using MSI Credit solutions is the fact that hey are one of the most expensive credit repair companies. However, when you consider the services that you receive from the company, they might just be worth the extra cost.


MSI Credit Solutions provides consumers with many great program features. In addition, the company provides some of the best customer service that has been found at any credit repair service company.

One downfall of the company is the high price that it charges for its program. However, even with the high prices that are charged, you must consider the fact that the company will dispute all of your items for you at once.

In some cases, disputing all of your negative items at once can be a good thing. However, in other cases this may not be the best option. This fact about the company could be a reason to either choose them for your credit repair needs or to look at one of the other credit repair service companies that are available.

Credit Repair By MSI Solutions

Overall, MSI Credit Solutions provides many great features for its clients to utilize. When compared to some of the other credit repair service companies, the monthly fee for the company is relatively high.

It is up to the consumer to determine whether or not the price of the services is worth it or if another company will be able to provide you with the same services at a more affordable cost. It is also important to consider the great customer service that is provided by the company when considering which credit repair service company to choose.

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