Ovation Credit Company Review

Credit Repair by Ovation

Ovation Credit Services has been around as long as some of the other popular credit service companies such as Sky Blue or Lexington Law. The company is still one of the top credit repair service companies, even though they are a bit newer to the credit repair itself. Ovation Credit currently boasts an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Ovation Credit Review

Ovation Credit is located in Jacksonville, Florida. It is an online company and offers services throughout the United States.

All of the services provided by the company are conducted either over the phone on online, so there is no reason to visit their Florida offices.

Ovation Credit Services provides consumers with flexibility and the power to choose which options will best suit your particular needs regarding your credit score and credit repair needs. The company offers packages of credit repair services that will address any specific concerns that you have. There are no unnecessary extra charges made by the company.

Credit Repair by Ovation

If you need same day service, there is a fast track service available for an additional fee. There is also the ability to choose identity optimization in order to help you protect your personal information during the credit repair process and after.




  • 100% Guaranteed service
  • Available discounts
  • Monthly fee

How Ovation Credit Services Work

The programs offered by Ovation Credit services are based on extensive research about credit bureau tactics, consumer credit laws, and persistence. In order to begin at Ovation Credit Series you will need to choose one of the plans offered by the company. There are two main plans from which to choose, they are the Essentials plan and the Essentials Plus plan.

During an initial credit consultation provided by the company you will be in contact with one of the credit experts employed by the company. During this consultation the credit specialist will help you choose the plan that will best meet your current financial needs.

All Credit Unions

Once you have created an account you will need to provide the company with your Experian credit report. Ovation Credit Services will provide your Equifax and TransUnion reports as part of their plan. If you do not currently have your Experian report available, the credit expert will help you obtain a copy of it.

Once the company has all three of your credit reports they will create a case file for you. You will then be able to log in to reach your dispute manager. This information will be provided during the login process.

You will need to answer some questions and then your credit account manager will begin the process of putting together a plan in order to begin disputing items on your credit report.

Once a plan has been created, the company will begin disputing the items that are incorrect. You will simply be able to sit back and relax during this time as they will do all of the necessary work for you.

Your case will be updated in your file and if further action is necessary, they will continue working on your case in order to ensure the best possible results.

How Long Does The Process Take

The goal of Ovation Credit is to be able to get your credit repaired for you as fast as they can. However, the amount of time it takes greatly depends on how bad your credit is to start as well as how well your creditors and the credit bureaus cooperate.

The company offers an add on option that allows you to speed up the process with expedited creditor letters and dispute letters.

What Items Can Be Removed From My Credit Report?

Ovation Credit is capable of removing all types of negative information from your credit report. This includes collection accounts, charge offs, and even bankruptcies and foreclosures. Any item that has been reported to the credit bureau and is on your credit report can be removed.

However, it is important to note that there are no guarantees that all items will be removed.

Ovation Work Process

It is important to monitor your credit report even after items have been removed. Every so often a negative item that has been removed from your account will reappear. When this happens creditors are given a five day grace period to remove the item. If they re-report the item after the five days have expired they are in violation of the FCRA.

Price Of Ovation Credit Services

The price for Ovation Credit services is either $49 per month or $69 per month based on the package that is chosen. The first work fee for the company’s services is $89. As mentioned the company also offers a special fast track service for an additional fee. The company also provides identity optimization services for an additional fee.

There are discounts available for family members, couples, and friends as well discounts for military members and senior citizens.


Overall, Ovation Credit is a legitimate credit repair services company based out of Jacksonville, Florida. The company provides many different credit repair services for its consumers. The company provides exceptional services at rates that are extremely affordable and almost everyone will be able to fit the service costs into their budget.

The company provides a 100 percent service guarantee. During any time of the month, if the company fails to provide you with the services that have been agreed upon in the service agreement that has been signed, you will not be billed for that month or you will receive a refund for your monthly fee if you have already been billed.

It is important to note that the company does not guarantee any specific results.

Ovation Credit Repair Support

If you are in need of credit repair services it is a good idea to call and speak with one of the case managers of Ovation Credit. These individuals will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the company and also will be able to provide you with information about exactly how much Ovation Credit could help you with your current situation.

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