Pyramid Credit Repair Review

Pyramid Credit Repair

Pyramid Credit Repair offers a comprehensive and ongoing credit repair system for anyone with low credit scores. The company operates out of the New York City area, but offers their services to anyone in the country with a functioning computer.

The company aims to affect your credit score in as little as 30 days, while most results are typical in less than 45 days total. Pyramid Credit Repair strives to quickly resolve your credit issues, while continuing to proactively rectify and monitor your score on an ongoing basis for as long as you want them to.

While Pyramid Credit Repair does things a bit differently, they try to keep the process as transparent and simple as possible, in every aspect. Those who are bit more hands-on will appreciate the method they go off of. They are also a bit more expensive than other services, although this is only initially.




  • Simple Software
  • Personal Service
  • Transparent Process
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • A Bit Pricey
  • Not Everyone Prefers Software

How Pyramid Credit Repair Works

The general process for using Pyramid Credit Repair is the same for all users, with just a slight variation for couples which we’ll touch on further down.

Step 1: Ordering and Installing Pyramid Kit

Everything begins with the Pyramid Kit, which is sent to you after ordering the product through the website. The Pyramid kit is actually a software the you install on your computer. The installation process is quite easy, even for those that aren’t too comfortable with computers.

Upon completing the installation, you will be prompted to register your account, where you’ll enter all of your relevant information. After doing so, you will be assigned a personal account manager who will handle your account and serve as your liaison to any activity or changes, along with offering suggestions.

Step 2: Analysis Of Credit Report With Personal Account Manager

Logo of Pyramid Credit Repair

Your Personal Account Manager will then interact with you on an ongoing basis and walk you through your credit reports as they update. The account manager will actively locate discrepancies within your credit report while finding anything that can help boost your credit score.

Your account manager will also consult with credit associations locate any misrepresentations in the credit reports that can be challenged and/or disputed in any way.

Step 3: Filing Of Disputes

Your personal account manager will file all disputes with creditors on your behalf. Your personal dashboard on the software will keep you up to date with any changes or relevant information as it becomes available, allowing you to track in real time.

Disputes are filed rather quickly, and responses are generally fast as well, and all of them will display as they happen on your dashboard which you can access from any computer.

Software of Pyramid Credit Repair


Pyramid Credit Repair has two different packages, each with the same features. The only difference is sharing the software to create two different accounts.

The single service is currently $49 to start. This gets you the Pyramid Kit software. The monthly price is $99 after initiating the service.

The couple's service is $79 to start, and $198 per month after that. You do not have to be legally married to order the couple’s service.

Both services include your own dashboard access, as well as the personal account manager.

Unique Advantages

Personalized service and simplicity is clearly Pyramid Credit Repair’s goal. The personal account manager is a very beneficial feature that not only gives you a customized level of service, but also the security and assurance that comes from knowing that you have an experienced professional who is constantly advocating for your best interests.

The general idea of Pyramid Credit Repair is very much like personal income tax software, with the added inclusion of a real person who sees to your business once the initial information is provided. The dashboard acts like this in many ways.

Credit Repair Card

If you prefer your computer to be your central hub for all your important personal business, you’ll be very comfortable when using the dashboard to monitor your credit activity. Checking in is as simple as clicking on your notifications, just like you would with other sites and social media. All relevant and updated information is easy to access.

Pros Of Pyramid Credit Repair

Again, simplicity and transparency are the keys with this service. The dashboard is clean and organized, and the notifications feature is useful when monitoring all of the details of your personal account manager’s actions, along with any updates from disputes and changes to your score.

This allows you to always keep up to date with what’s going on, and gives you the assurance that your money and time is being put to good use. Pyramid Credit Repair also has a satisfaction guarantee that allows you to cancel your monthly service if you don’t like your results.

Everything is month-to-month, there are no long-term contracts. If you feel that there is nothing left to do for your credit, simple cancel.

Cons Of Pyramid Credit Repair

Those that are not computer oriented may be a bit weary of being in control of the service. Although the software and dashboard are easy to use and navigate, there are some who may prefer to just hand everything off to a credit service and not hear back until everything is done.

Team Numbers For Pyramid Credit Repair

This shouldn’t be an issue for most.

Another potential drawback is the price. The majority of credit services don’t require you to use a special software, so the start-up cost may be a turnoff to some.


Pyramid Credit Repair has established a very good reputation in their short time of operation. The company is staffed with experienced credit professionals who know all the intricacies required to restore your credit as fast as possible.

The software is easy to setup and use, and the real time updates add a bit of excitement to the process, as you literally get to watch your score improve and see all the details as to why.

The personal account manager is the big selling point, as they are quick to keep you informed and comfortable, while working for your credit's best interest.

For around $99 a month, this is hard to beat.

While Pyramid Credit Repair may not be as flashy or comprehensive as other services, it doesn’t really matter as long as the desired result is attained. In this case, they deliver, and do all they can to keep you informed along the way. We strongly recommend their services.

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