Sky Blue Credit Repair Service Company Review

Credit Repair Services By SkyBlue

Sky Blue Credit is a credit repair service company that has been around for 26 years. It is located in Boca Raton, Florida and provides services to individuals throughout the United States.

Sky Blue Credit Review

During the time the company has been in business, it has built a solid reputation for itself as it provides quality results for individuals at prices that are affordable.

The company takes pride in its customer service and also in providing results quicker than their competition.

Throughout the years the company has analyzed several different methods for disputing credit related items. During this time the company has found what are the most effective methods.

Using these methods and focusing the service techniques that the company provides around these methods has provided the company with a winning formula for getting the best results possible in a timely manner.




  • Fastest Results on the Market
  • Longevity in Bussiness
  • Affordable prices
  • After through review process we didn't find any major cons

Benefits Of Sky Blue Credit

There are several great benefits of choosing Sky Blue Credit for your credit repair needs. First, the company provides its clients with fast results. The company fully understand that there is an urgency behind all credit repair needs. Sky Blue Credit offers the fastest services and claims to provide clients with 15 item disputes every 35 days, which comes to five for each bureau.

When using Sky Blue Credit you will receive a complete analysis of your credit report along with specific actions to take in order to improve your credit score.


The price for Sky Blue Credit services is currently $59 a month. This is in line with the other top credit repair service companies.

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The difference between using Sky Blue Credit and other credit repair service companies is that Sky Blue will only charge you for work that they complete. There are no advanced charges made to your account.

This pay as you go feature is one of the most attractive offerings from the company. You have the option of cancelling your service at any time without any further obligations. There are no termination fees or penalties for cancelling.


Sky Blue Credit has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Trust Link has given the company a 4.6 out of 5 stars. According to reviews from past clients of the company, most were extremely impressed with the results that they received. Many past clients claim that they improved their credit scores by nearly 200 points just from the services.

Another common theme among the reviews was the excellent customer service offered by the company.

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Signing up for an account with Sky Blue is quite simple and does not take any time at all. The instructions on the website are very clear and the steps that you need to take will be provided to you through an email.

Once you have created an account. You will need to provide Sky Blue with some personal information. This includes your date of birth, social security number, credit and debit card information or bank account information, and account numbers on your credit report, which will be used in order to generate disputes.

Credit Report Analyzing

Once you have provided the necessary information the company will analyze your credit reports for you. The staff will then let you know what they will be able to do in order to help you improve your overall credit report. You will be sent a list of all the items that they suggest that you work on. At this point, the dispute process will start.

The disputes will be sent out and if the disputes do not end up getting the credit items removed from your report, Sky Blue will alter the disputes and try again until they are successful.

Pros Of Using Sky Blue Credit

There are many benefits of choosing Sky Blue Credit for your credit repair service needs. First, the company offers affordable pricing and provides a discount for couples that sign up for an account together. Second, Sky Blue Credit has an A+ credit rating with the BBB and many positive reviews.

Offices of Sky Blue Credit Repair

With over 25 years of experience, Sky Blue Credit is one of the longest acting credit repair service companies in the industry. In addition to the experience sign up with the company is quick and easy, and you can cancel your services whenever you want.

If you ever have any problems with your account or what is being done, you can rely on the excellent customer support that is provided by the company.

Sky Blue Credit recently launched the most advanced and user-friendly online account management portal. You can follow your progress, read your credit score tips, and do much more using the Sky Blue Online Portal.

Cons Of Using Sky Blue Credit

After our thorough review, we see no major negatives in using the company. Like all credit repair, the speed to repair your credit will be dependent on the specific issues that need to be cleared. We are confident that Sky Blue Credit will work diligently in your regard.


Overall, if you are thinking about hiring a company to help you repair your credit, Sky Blue Credit is definitely worth your consideration. This is one of the top credit repair services companies in the nation. The company has been in business for a long time and during that time has developed a system that really works for the majority of their clients.

The A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is almost unheard of and requires few to no complaints to be made about a business. This means that the majority of Sky Blue Credit’s customers are happy with the services and the results that they receive from using the company for their credit repair needs.

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