Veracity Credit Repair Service Company Review

Credit Repair By Veracity

Veracity Credit Consultants offers credit repair services to consumers who need a credit boost. The company is located in Denver, Colorado, but provides services online and over the phone to people from all over the United States.

Veracity Credit Review

The company works to help repair your credit in an average time frame of three to six months. The company offers a solid educational resource area that allows you to learn how you can take back control of your finances.

When it comes to program features, Veracity Credit does not have many of the same features that are offered by some of the other credit repair companies that are available.




  • Free consultation
  • Platinum plan
  • Decent Price
  • Additional education materials
  • Not many features that other companies have
  • Lack of dispute option

How Veracity Credit Services WorK

Veracity Credit Consultants offers consumers two different options in terms of credit repair programs.

Veracity Credit Consulting

The first option is the select plan. With this plan consumers are offered a free credit report and a consultation with their own personal credit counselor.

In addition, consumers receive an analysis of their credit report information as well as any relevant disputes with credit reporting agencies about any information that is found to be inaccurate, but is found in the credit report.

Veracity Credit Consultants also offer a platinum plan for their consumers. This plan offers all of the same features of the select plan, but it also has several unique features as well. Some of the different features of this plan include customized disputes, a personalized optimization plan, as well as priority processing of any disputes.

Every customer will receive a free consultation with a qualified credit counselor when signing up. This is when all of your credit information will be reviewed. Once you have gone over your information with your credit counselor a plan of action will be created. Once you have registered with the company and the plan of action is created you will then have access to your account 24/7.


The price for the select plan is $69 for the initial setup fee. The price per month after that is $49 per month. The monthly fee is charged after the services have been completed. When you choose the select program you will be entitled to a credit report that you will be able to access and view.

You will also be able to see the dispute letters that are sent out to each of the credit reporting bureaus.

The price for the platinum plan is $79 per month. The initial start up fee for the platinum account is $99. This plan includes everything that comes with the select plan. In addition, you will have intervention letters that will be sent to creditors.

Both accounts include free consultations as well as online account management that is available at any time.

There is a no hassle cancellation policy available. This allows customers the ability to cancel their services at any time. If couples register accounts together they will receive a discount on their membership programs.

Educational Materials

One of the unique features offered by Veracity Credit services is the educational materials that the company provides. There is an online portal that is included with the programs that allows consumers to research different credit regulations as well as receive tips about how to keep their credit scores high and their credit histories as accurate as possible.

In addition, the company provides account holders with weekly emails that are full of the latest news about credit repair. There are also monthly progress reports that are issued through the online account system of the consumer.

Veracity Credit Consulting

Pros Of Veracity

There are several positive aspects of choosing the Veracity Credit services. One of the biggest benefits of this particular credit repair company is the educational resources that are provided. The company offers consumers the ability to learn more about their own credit and what they can do to help fix it and to keep their scores above average.

Cons Of Veracity

One of the issues of choosing Veracity is that there is a monthly charge for their services. These charges do increase over time. In addition, the disputes to the credit card companies are typically done by the consumer rather than by the company.

However, Veracity does offer initial consultations and credit score evaluations that can be used to formulate a more effective plan. Another issue is that Veracity credit does not offer credit monitoring or delete negotiations as a part of its services.


Overall, Veracity services are not as complete as some of the other credit repair service companies that are available. However, this company may be a good place to start for consumers that simply want to maintain a better credit rating for their financial life.

The educational services that are provided by the company offer a great way for consumers to learn about how to take control over their own credit profiles and are a great way to help consumers improve their financial situations on their own.

Credit Repair Solution by Veracity

When it comes to recommendations, there are other companies that come with a better recommendation simply because they offer more products at a lower monthly cost.

If you have severe credit repairs that need to be completed, it might be better to choose another company as some of the other repair service companies will provide you with the help you need to negotiate terms, where this is not offered by Veracity.

With that being said, if you do not have severe repair issues, choosing Veracity may be a good choice as it will provide you with the education that you need in order to improve your credit scores overall. You also can pay for the initial fees and a month of service and then cancel the services if you find that they are not meeting your needs.

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